Young Woodworker 2022

£1000 to Be Won

Woodworkers from anywhere in the World, aged 19 or younger in 2022, are invited to enter the Quercus Magazine Young Woodworker of the Year 2022 challenge, sponsored by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. The winner will win £500 and a Lie-Nielsen Bronze Low Angle Block Plane (LN102) personally engraved by Jenny Bower (@jbowerengraving). Every short-listed entrant will win £100 and a certificate. Every entry will be displayed in the magazine or on the Quercus website after the judging.

The closing date is 31st December 2022, and the results will be announced early in 2023..

For a PDF of details, instructions, guidelines and rules please email us at

Good Luck

Nick Gibbs
Editor, Quercus Magazine