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QM18 May/June 2023

Few woodworking skills rely as much upon specialist tools as ‘bottoming’ seats. There are so many options from adzes to scorps, and now James Mursell has added the Traviscraper and the Spokescraper to his range of chairmaking tools. And in this issue Peter Galbert, the renowned US maker of Windsors, shows how he sharpens and uses his seat shaping kit. These are tools that will entice any woodworker who loves working by hand (mostly).     .

  • Robin Gates shows how to flatten workbenches the simple way
  • Jögge Sundqvist has a folk chair design to share
  • Steve Schuler compares Art and Craft
  • John Lloyd devises special stops for planing boards flat 
  • Discover the secrets of Black Oak with Hamish Low
  • From Sweden Martin Sturfält makes a unique shooting board jig

QM17 March/April 2023

The next issue features a profile of Robin Wood MBE who is a remarkable woodworker, awarded an MBE for services to Heritage Crafts & Skills. Along the way he’s been a woodsman, forester, greenwood woodworker, pole-lathe pioneer, spoon carver, event organiser, toolmaker and campaigner.

QM16 January/February 2023

Worldwide, Bill Carter is one of the best-known and most highly-respected of planemakers, producing English mitre planes, inspired by traditional styles, but with his own innovations. Bill has now been added to planemaking’s hall of fame, and posts 100s of entertaining video blogs to inspire budding toolmakers and offer any woodworker tips and ideas.

  • Now in winter, Henrie van Rooij advice on dealing with workshop humidity should be invaluable when it comes to fighting rust
  • We review many of Anne of All Trades’ video blogs and choose the Top Three
  • The dowel joint is underrated, so Robin Gates comes up with simple options
  • US author and furniture-maker Scott Wynn reveals three invaluable scrapers for different purposes
  • Gary Rogowski writes how essential practice can be for any craftsperson


QM15 November/December 2022

Anne of All Trades, the rising star of woodwork, features in the latest issue of Quercus, the rising magazine of woodwork. Anne reveals how she came to be posting blogs and videos that won her nearly 300,000 followers. Of course that’s far from all we are offering now. You’ll find articles on topics as diverse as workshop lighting, the building of a spoon carving horse and storage boxes for chisels, pencils and carving tools.

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• Moulding Planes  Swedish pianist Martin Sturfält writes how he come to love wooden moulding planes after only a few months woodworking.
• Spoon Carving Horse  Sean Hellman builds a holding device for spoon carvers
• Finishes  Ozan Demirtas uses a specialist Japanese finish for chairmaking
• Workshop Lighting  With winter here, Robin Gates suggests some options for keeping the workshop light and. bright
• Storage Boxes  For anything from pencils or chisels, to gouges and drill bits, Henrie van Rooij makes simple storage boxes with so many designs
• Sharpening  Ethan Sincox, the Kilted Woodworker, tries out a burnishing tool

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QM14 September/October 2022

The September/October issue of Quercus featured an interview with Thomas Lie-Nielsen, the driving force behind a renaissance in hand-tools over the last 25 years. Tom tells Quercus about the early days of his toolmaking business, and looks ahead, moving ahead after the pandemic and other challenges. There’s plenty more about tools in QM14, including Robin Gates’ feature on chisel planes alongside John Lloyd discussing paring chisels. Derek Cohen from Australia gives detailed instructions on cutting accurate through tenons and in Spain Germán Peraire makes his own honing guide, while Swedish concert pianist Martin Sturfält tells how Lockdown transformed his woodworking life. George Walker and Jim Tolpin explore the principles of marking up and laying out projects, and Bill Ratcliffe reveals why he loves fish glueTo order a copy now or to subscribe CLICK HERE.

Joints  Derek Cohen shows how to cut a through tenon for drawers 
• Sharpening  Germán Peraire makes a special honing jig   
Toolmaking  Robin Gates makes his own chisel planes for stopped paring and Justin Emrich tests a Paul Sellers Router Plane Kit
Gluing-Ups  Bill Ratcliffe debates the values of fish glue 
Tools  John Lloyd explores the differences between short- and long-handled paring chisels, while Robin Gates remembers the classic Eclipse ‘multi-tool’

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QM13 July/August 2022

The last issue of Quercus was published on 1st July and was dedicated to David Charlesworth, the icon of working wood by hand. David was a remarkable, respected and loved author, tutor and presenter and one of the most influential woodworkers in the last 100 years. This issue features a Special Tribute, as spoken at his funeral, plus many of his tips and techniques from enthusiasts, professionals and colleagues. You can order a back issue, and  to subscribe in print or digitally.  CLICK HERE.

QM12 May/Jun. 2022

The last of Quercus was out on 1st May, with Christopher Schwarz sharing his techniques, theories and tips for choosing wood to make chairs…

QM11 March/April 2022

Paying tribute to chair maker John Brown, plus Paul Sellers discussing router planes…

QM10 January/February 2022

Interview with renowned woodworker, author, presenter and teacher, Paul Sellers…

QM09 November/December 2021

The re-publishing of Jennie Alexander’s Make a Chair from a Tree, plus the making of a James Krenov wooden plane, chair ergonomics with Galen Cranz and much more…

QM08 September/October 2021

The YouTube Maestro Rex Krueger shows how to make simple tools oneself, John Lloyd reveals his sawing secrets, and Scott Wynn chooses the three wooden planes you really need…

QM07 July/August 2021

Richard Wile on choosing an approach to honing, Ethan Sincox, Rex Krueger and Barbara Jones compare bench designs, while Derek Jones, Dylan Iwakuni and Anny Dubois discuss Japanese woodworking….

QM06 May/June 2021

David Johnson seats a chair with cord, Masashi Kutsuwa reports on Japanese splitting techniques, Rex Krueger finds and replicates an unusual marking gauge, and Derek Jones looks at shooting boards…

QM05 March/April 2021

Meet John Williamson, the saviour of making stave baskets in England, Brett McLeod reports on the origins of axes, Drew Langsner updates his classic shaving horse design, and Richard Arnold makes planes from the 18th Century…

QM04 January/February 2021

Jenny Bower on working with wood and metal, meet axe-maker Julia Kalthoff, Derek Jones shows how to fit drawers, Robin Gates reports on the Red Blue Chair…

QM03 November/December 2020

Mike Abbott remembers designing the modern shaving horse, and shows how to build one yourself. We look at John Brown’s favourite Stanley 53 spokeshave, Dom Campbell’s amazing trays, and James Mursell’s steam-bending techniques…

QM02 September/October 2020

Robin Gates breaks new ground by redesigning the traditional splayed saw horse with a straight-legged alternative. Mitsuru Hochi on seating chairs with Japanese paper, carver Mary May discusses grain direction and Drew Langsner carves a ladle and reveals a dozen tips and techniques …

QM01 Summer 2020

The launch issue of Quercus has Ethan Sincox, The Kilted Woodworker, revealing the vintage tools he loves. Elsewhere Richard Arnold recalls his project making a handrail for the Titanic, Robin Gates rips elm to make a box and Rudy Everts makes tiny Welsh Stick chairs…