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Nov./Dec. ’21

Jennie Alexander shares the devices and jigs she has used for making chairs 
• Laura Mays reports on James Krenov’s influence on making wooden planes 
Barbara Roberts makes a box to inspire entrants to the Quercus Young Woodworker of the Year competition 2022 
Robin Gates turns to recycling wood, alongside other woodworkers 
Rex Krueger finds a vintage toolbox at his family farm
Scott Wynn reveals the secrets of his long-lasting shooting boards 
Charles Mak has some unusual cramping tips & techniques 
Lake Erie Toolworks customers share how they have improved their workbenches by fitting vice accessories 
Kyle Barton introduces his spindle drilling jig for chair makers 
Sean Hellman says you don’t have to throw bandsaw blades away, and shows you how 
John Lloyd upgrades a cheap and not-so cheerful marking gauge 

QM08 Sept./Oct. ’21

Rex Krueger shows how he makes his own tools 
• The Attic Woodworker on woodwork in a small room overlooking Verona, Italy 
Barbara Roberts upgrades her bench with a planing stop 
Robin Gates questions the sawing techniques of Ernest Joyce, the guru of woodwork 
Jeff Lefkowitz makes chairs with long-lasting joints. Find out how he does it 
Richard Wile demonstrates how to sharpen a drawknife 
Debs Hart renovates a wooden spokeshave 
Henrie van Rooij is inspired by Jögge Sundqvist to make hooks for tools in his workshop 
Michelle Mateo explains how she makes bowls on a pole lathe 
Pete Moorhouse is introducing woodwork to early years schools 
John Lloyd compares Western and Japanese saws, and shows how he cuts tenons with either 
Rex Krueger, Paul Sellers and Sean Hellman are reviewed
Claire Minihan answers our questions about making travishers

QM07 July/Aug. ’21

Richard Wile sets up a sharpening station
• Robin Gates repairs wooden grooving and ploughing planes
• Masashi Kutsuwa recalls how a group. of novices made a Van Gogh chair
• Derek Jones  makes a Japanese toolbox
Rex Krueger builds a portable low bench
• Sean Hellman repairs a snapped bandsaw blade
• Kohtaro Mori reveals his beautiful chairs and bowls
•Steve Schuler decorates the wooden pipes he made last issue
• John Lloyd shows how to sharpen in-cannel gouges
• Doug Stowe recalls his time with Bill Coperthwaite

QM06 May/June ’21

•  David Johnson shows how to cane a chair the Danish way
•  Robin Gates makes a sliding lid toolbox
•  Gerwyn Lewis explores the medieval way of storing tools
•  Dylan Iwakuni makes a sheath to protect chisel edges
•  Masashi Kutsuwa reveals Japanese splitting techniques
•  Derek Jones reports on shooting boards
•  Mike Abbott recalls the early days of greenwoodworking
•  Rex Krueger makes a fish-head marking gauge
•  Steve Schuler decorates the pipes he started last issue
•  Phoebe Everill meets the HNT Gordon Tools team
•  Nick Gibbs uses PU adhesives

QM05 Mar./April ’21

Making stave baskets The skills and making of a heritage craft with John Williamson
The anatomy of drawers Derek Jones compares slips and grooves
Planemaking Learn about making an 18th Century plane with Richard Arnold
Scrolls saws v coping saws Robin Gates chooses a simple saw for shaping 
The history of axes  Brett McCleod reveals the originals of the American axe
Bern Chandley Phoebe Everill meets the modern  bodger
Drew Langsner’s Shaving Horses Than & Now
Rex Krueger reveals history of Gage planes
Japanese Joints Tim Brown on making a complex Castle joint

QM04 Jan/Feb ‘df21

Women and Children First Jenny Bower takes to
woodwork and becomes a chair maker inspiring & her daughter, as do other woodworkers
Fitting Drawer Runners Derek Jones on joints
The Red Blue Chair The comfy uncomfy 20thC icon
Making Slöjd Coathooks Jögge Sundqvist’s project
The Better Bench Hook Robin Gates upgrades 
How to Cleave Mike Abbott’s greenwoodworking tips

QM03 Nov/Dec ’20

The Modern Shaving Horse Mike Abbott shows how to make a quick-build clamp from planed timber
The Better Planing Stop Robin Gates at the workbench
Top 10 Spokeshaves Favourite shaves of readers
Retiring Tool Chest Richard Arnold’s old toolbox
History of Slöjd Jögge Sundqvist on a Swedish culture
Steam Bending Windsor Workshop special jigs

QM02 Autumn 2020

The Kilted Woodworker explores beading tools
Drew Langsner completes the ladle he designed last issue
Mitsuru Hochi explains how he makes his unique chair seating
Robin Gates contests the traditional style of splayed sawhorse
• What defines creativity by hand asks the Arbortech Woodcarver’s inventor Kevin Inkster

QM01 Summer 2020

• Photo-story of Richard Arnold’s recreating a handrail from the Titanic only with traditional tools
Drew Langsner explains how to design a carved ladle, inspired be Willë Sundqvist
Mark Harrell of Bad Axe Saws straightens a crooked backsaw by re-tensioning the toothline and plate
• Find out out to rehandle a hatched with Sean Hellman
James Mursell of Windsor Workshop compares chair designs for looks and comfort