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Quercus Issue Three (QM03), Nov/Dec 2020, will be available on 1st November 2020. To pre-order a printed copy or digital copy, or to subscribe for one year (six issues) simply CLICK HERE You can also order back issues QM01 and QM02 there, and choose which issue to start a subscription.




QM03 Contents

Winter Spokeshaves Robin Gates looks at which spokeshaves are best suited in wet & cold climates

Axe Handle Fitting Sean Hellman fits the handle to the axe head he has been restoring

Jögge Sundqvist on Sjöld In making some simple coat hangers, the well-known Swedish author writes about the history and importance of kitchen craftsmanship

Designing Contemporary Chairs Alan Zoeftig, renowned for designing & producing public seating in airports, looks at the chairs that have inspired his ideas

The Modern Shaving Horse Find out the quick & efficient way of building the contemporary shaving horse with Mike Abbott

The Kilted Woodworker makes an intriguing pencil holder for his workbench

Seating Chairmaker Brian Boggs tells us about the harvesting & use of hickory bark

Prescient Stops Imperial Gates improves the planing stop suggestions the have been posted on Instagram recently and upgrades his bench hook design

Love & Money Well-known blogger, Steve Schuler turns a woodworking hobby into a side business

Dylan Iwakuni How to plane endgrain and remove rust from Japanese plane irons

Richard Arnold retires & remembers a tool chest he inherited 30 years ago