Gouge Repairs

In QM02 Robin Gates shows how he has recently bought a secondhand Black Knight hand grinder, and has used it to repair a large knick in a turning gouge. Here you can see more of the stages of removing the knick and repairing the bevel and edge. For the full version of the print edition, or to subscribe, click here to visit mymagazinesub.co.uk/quercus

The grinder produces a considerable amount of swarf that has to be managed
1 Severely damaged edge resulting from tools jumbled on the workbench

2 The damage was ground back to a thick perpendicular edge
3 The bevel was gradually restored using a combined pitching and rolling action on the wheel
4 A coarse wheel leaves a coarse finish but the basis of a shallow carving bevel is there
5 Rolling the bevel from side to side with the tool slightly elevated while pulling it backwards on the oilstone creates a workable secondary bevel
6 Not the prettiest tool in town but it’s fixed
7 First tests in a piece of riven cherry wood