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QM08 Sept./Oct. ’21

Rex Krueger shows how he makes his own tools 
• The Attic Woodworker on woodwork in a small room overlooking Verona, Italy 
Barbara Roberts upgrades her bench with a planing stop 
Robin Gates questions the sawing techniques of Ernest Joyce, the guru of woodwork 
Jeff Lefkowitz makes chairs with long-lasting joints. Find out how he does it 
Richard Wile demonstrates how to sharpen a drawknife 
Debs Hart renovates a wooden spokeshave 
Henrie van Rooij is inspired by Jögge Sundqvist to make hooks for tools in his workshop 
Michelle Mateo explains how she makes bowls on a pole lathe 
Pete Moorhouse is introducing woodwork to early years schools 
John Lloyd compares Western and Japanese saws, and shows how he cuts tenons with either 
Rex Krueger, Paul Sellers and Sean Hellman are reviewed
Claire Minihan answers our questions about making travishers