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QM12 May/June 2022

The current issue of Quercus was out on 1st May, with Christopher Schwarz sharing his techniques, theories and tips for choosing wood to make chairs. The extract from Chris’s new publication, The Stick Chair Book, features advice on dealing with moisture content, testing strength and making timber choices, discussing the use of kiln-dried rather than green wood, which makes chairmaking possible for anyone, wherever they live and whatever facilities they have. To order a copy now or to subscribe CLICK HERE.

Hand-Tool Joinery  Richard Arnold studies the history of 18th Century moulding planes 
• Self-Sufficient Woodwork  An essay on the philosophy of working wood by hand, written by John Brown   
Greenwoodworking  Discover how David Goober lives and works off-grid, making chairs and using a pole-lathe
Gluing-Ups  Derek Jones takes on assembling with style 
Tool Restoration  Henrie van Rooij restores special auger bits and Sean Hellman shows how to fit new hands to knives
Maloof Chairs  Dallas Gara on learning to make chairs a special way, and how hand-tools are best
Tool Restoration  Robin Gates makes tools from scrap iron 
Planes Tested  Rex Krueger tries out Stanley’s Sweetheart set of planes 
Box Making  Megan Fitzpatrick makes a special box for a tool all by hand
More Chairmaking  Ozan Demirtaş reveals why he doesn’t use reamers for drilling seat holes
Shoulder Planes  John Lloyd debates different styles of a versatile tool 

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