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QM09 Nov./Dec. ’21

Jennie Alexander shares the devices and jigs she has used for making chairs 
• Laura Mays reports on James Krenov’s influence on making wooden planes 
Barbara Roberts makes a box to inspire entrants to the Quercus Young Woodworker of the Year competition 2022 
Robin Gates turns to recycling wood, alongside other woodworkers 
Rex Krueger finds a vintage toolbox at his family farm
Scott Wynn reveals the secrets of his long-lasting shooting boards 
Charles Mak has some unusual cramping tips & techniques 
Lake Erie Toolworks customers share how they have improved their workbenches by fitting vice accessories 
Kyle Barton introduces his spindle drilling jig for chair makers 
Sean Hellman says you don’t have to throw bandsaw blades away, and shows you how 
John Lloyd upgrades a cheap and not-so cheerful marking gauge