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QM14 Sept/Oct 2022

The latest issue of Quercus features an interview with Thomas Lie-Nielsen, the driving force behind a renaissance in hand-tools over the last 25 years. Tom tells Quercus about the early days of his toolmaking business, and looks ahead, moving ahead after the pandemic and other challenges. There’s plenty more about tools in QM14, including Robin Gates’ feature on chisel planes alongside John Lloyd discussing paring chisels. Derek Cohen from Australia gives detailed instructions on cutting accurate through tenons and in Spain Germán Peraire makes his own honing guide, while Swedish concert pianist Martin Sturfält tells how Lockdown transformed his woodworking life. George Walker and Jim Tolpin explore the principles of marking up and laying out projects, and Bill Ratcliffe reveals why he loves fish glueTo order a copy now or to subscribe CLICK HERE.

Joints  Derek Cohen shows how to cut a through tenon for drawers 
• Sharpening  Germán Peraire makes a special honing jig   
Toolmaking  Robin Gates makes his own chisel planes for stopped paring and Justin Emrich tests a Paul Sellers Router Plane Kit
Gluing-Ups  Bill Ratcliffe debates the values of fish glue 
Tools  John Lloyd explores the differences between short- and long-handled paring chisels, while Robin Gates remembers the classic Eclipse ‘multi-tool’

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