The first issue of Quercus is set to be available online as soon as possible after the 2020 UK Lockdown has ended. Please email so we can announce Issue No.1 being out online, and printed copies if there is enough demand. For the moment we don’t plan subscriptions, but you will be emailed with an announcement whenever the next issue is published.

Issue 01 Contents
• Ripsawing and resawing planks with Robin Gates, preparing the sawn surfaces to make projects without machine

• Review of Christopher Williams’ remarkable book about John Brown, with words written by John himself to explore his techniques and history

• Photo-story of Richard Arnold’s recreating a handrail from the Titanic only with traditional tools

Drew Langsner explains how to design a carved ladle, inspired be Willë Sundqvist

Mark Harrell of Bad Axe Saws straightens a crooked backsaw by re-tensioning the toothline and plate

• Find out out to rehandle a hatched with Sean Hellman

James Mursell of Windsor Workshop compares chair designs for looks and comfort